The Tire Club (formerly Glob Tech Tire Division, Inc.) was founded by Karthik Mohan, a mechanical engineer, who wanted to enable automobile enthusiasts in the region to buy high-performance tires at very reasonable prices. The Indian tire industry was traditionally dominated by a few indigenous tire brands who kept the prices of their products artificially high. The Tire Club was founded with the aim of countering this trend. Through The Tire Club, customers were introduced to a variety of international tire brands such as Maxxis, Kenda, Nankang etc at highly competitive prices. The customer response was overwhelming.

Within three years of its formation, the firm boasts of around 12000 satisfied customers and almost 1500 regular clients. Now the firm deals in all major tire brands such as Michelin, Pirelli, Kenda, to name a few. The way we measure success is slightly different from our competitors; we define our success by the number of customers we turn into clients, and the number of clients we turn into friends.
Since the day of its inception, The Tire Club has stood by one motto - "High Performance, Affordable Prices"  



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